Taranis - Elegant design meets endless fun

Taranis grills are ready for any kind of event, all year round – exactly like their circular shape suggests. Our grills are much more than sources of heat: Taranis grills are objects of art, which will stand out in your garden and a place for meeting family and friends. The combination of the round shape and fire creates a pleasant, homely atmosphere.

Taranis grill Banket Giga Black

Taranis Grills are made from specially treated steel to blend in with their surroundings and become a natural part of the living environment. They are beautifully crafted by skilled Czech artisans. The base has a conical shape. This model is suitable for restaurants or larger spaces. Delivery within 2 weeks.

Technical sheet
81 700 CZK with 21% VAT
67 521 CZK without VAT
Poštovné 1 500 CZK

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