Taranis - Elegant design meets endless fun

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NEW! Grill BANKET without out-of-stream groove.

Taranis grill

Taranis grills are ready for any kind of event, all year round – exactly like their circular shape suggests. Our grills are much more than sources of heat: Taranis grills are objects of art, which will stand out in your garden and a place for meeting family and friends. The combination of the round shape and fire creates a pleasant, homely atmosphere.

Taranis harmonically combines design, warmth, and a cooking appliance in one unit. Once you experience it, you will never want to grill another way ever again!

Weather and corrosion resistant Cor-Ten/Atmofix steel

Proudly made in the Czech Republic

10-year warranty


All-year grilling

Discover the luxury Taranis range

Taranis grills are multifunctional and we have an option for every garden or terrace. Thanks to our extensive range of configurations and accessories, you can easily build your dream grill.


Taranis grill Standard

49 300 CZK
20181101_Taranis_3D-Models_Grill_Standard-Pplus_01_white (1)

Taranis grill Standard +

49 300 CZK

Taranis grill Sloup

49 300 CZK

Taranis grill Banket

49 300 CZK

Taranis grill Banket Giga Corten

81 700 CZK
20181101_Taranis_3D-Models_Grill_Banket-Giga_Matte-Black_01_white (1)

Taranis grill Banket Giga Black

81 700 CZK

Taranis grill Banket Mini Corten

44 500 CZK

Taranis grill Banket Mini Black

44 500 CZK

Choping table Butcher

27 800 CZK

Grill grate round

4 900 CZK
20181101_Taranis_3D-Models_Doplenk_Dno_01_white (1)

Barbecue bottom

4 300 CZK

Multifunctional and flexible

Thanks to our configurations and accessories, you can easily find the perfect Taranis combination for your home.

taranis grill

Circular design

The round design of all Taranis grills makes cooking and gathering around the grill feel completely natural from all sides. Your guests will feel right at home and cosy, encouraging many shared moments.

zdravé grilování bez kouře

Healthy grilling without smoke

The grilling surface is protected from smoke, ensuring healthier cooking without carcinogens, a serious health risk typically associated with gridiron grills.

tepelné zóny

Heat zones

The variable design allows for cooking on the steel plate, on the grid or on both surfaces at the same time.



Taranis Grills can be used as a fireplace, a grill or a stove. For grilling, you can choose the ‘steel bottom’ accessory as another option for cooking over charcoal or briquettes.

nekonečné grilování

Grill anytime

Enjoy barbecue season all year round. Taranis grills are an efficient heat source and the heat accumulation materials used provide outstanding thermal stability

design který se neschovává

Design you don’t need to hide

When winter comes, leave your Taranis grill exactly where it was. There is no need to cover it or shelter it from rain and snow. After all, you can have barbecues at any time of the year.

olejová drážka

Grease groove

A groove around the entire cooking surface, designed to transport grease into the fire.

jednoduchá údržba

Simple maintenance

All you need to do to keep your Taranis grill in great shape and working for many years is to wipe the cooking surfaces clean with a few drops of olive oil, using a spatula for larger bits of dirt if needed. That’s it!

100% český výrobek

100% Czech made

Taranis grills are crafted in a Czech forge with an 80-year tradition.